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Fall 2003

Well, we survived another winter. I guess this one wasn’t as bad as some but it sure felt longer, darker, damper, and colder, than the others. We worked pretty much thru the cold and snow although the two weeks of ice sure shut us down. Last summer we managed to gravel about 100’x100’ of one end of our lot. This made loading and unloading and turning big trucks around in bad weather possible. That sure has come in handy as we’ve been loading and unloading over the road tractor trailer rigs and they are pretty helpless on mud. We didn’t add any new equipment this winter – except the 5hp dust blower we acquired just a couple of weeks ago and have just now got installed. Need some fine tuning to get up and running. Business looks good for this spring and summer already. Our log supply is really low right now because the typical slowdown in logging in the winter and recent heavy rains. We are starting to get logs in now. Enjoy the great spring weather!