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Author Topic: Any news on the MS 462?  (Read 3314 times)

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Re: Any news on the MS 462?
« Reply #40 on: August 04, 2017, 05:54:28 am »
I think there is some confusion here as to exactly what we are talking  about when we say holding  back.  As it applies to the felling dogs vs a bumper pad. Prim and proper operation in  bucking the saw will self feed  with no pressure applied by tbe operator BUT the felling dogs won't let the saw fall down through the log unless you hold them back off the log. When the saw has the bumper pad it will slide down as the saw cuts and over a long day it really saves on the ole back,, at least my old back,LOL. The pad is a bit of a hindrance when felling and certain bucking operations but for a guy with more than one saw it's nice to have on the one saw you buck with most of the time.   As for making the chains self feed that has been well described by Holman. An experienced filer will adjust his angles for the wood, type of work and the HP  available thus the saw does the work with a minimum of input from the operator. As an example RS stihl chains work nicely with my 036 saw with factory angles and depth gauges when bucking in most hard woods however when I feel like playing with the 660 and  20 inch bar doing the same work I run .005 deeper gauges and a few more degrees on both side and top angles and the same RS chain will work the 660 with 8 pin rim  and 20 inch bar with little operator input BUT as said earlier you best have an good hold on the saw when you put it in the wood and you do NOT use the top of the bar unless you have perfect footing, a good grasp on the saw and your head about you. Those chains are near worthless on a lower powered saw and indeed dangerous on them so I keep them separate and we'll marked. Depth gauges are a large part of the equation but only when the cutters are sharp, Lowering gauges in a haphazard manner is DANGEROUS, use a gauge and dont get carried away. A lot is written about hot rodding saw motors and little about the chains but they must pair up and match the wood for things to work to perfection. Dinking with chains is interesting and the results are satisfying, give it a try.  Just be careful how you handle the saw as you make them more aggressive.
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