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Thanks for the number cross, I'm going to give that a try......

Bad news, that new number comes up
"no longer available"

the search continues.....

Well,isn't that enough to make a preacher cuss? Try this one then .

Thanks Al,
I haven't had a response from them, I called and emailed.
That shows for a 076 which is a little different,  not sure
it will work for the 075.

MCM, I have been following your exchange with Al_Smith.  Did you ever find out whether the VEC UV-1 ignition module will work on the Stihl 075 AV?   As you say, the 076, which is specifed by VEC, may be different from the 075.  I have an 075 AV from 1982, and it has the same problem as yours.

I have seen on the web somewhere that the external ignition triggers, such as the "Atom", or the Nova II, may not work as well as the original scheme for an 031.  The 075 AV uses a sense coil on the trigger plate (inside the flywheel) that sets the timing as the magnet comes by.  Without this input, it seems as though you would want to adjust the timing manually to optimize the ignition time.  Do you know whether any of these external units have such an adjustment?

I am new to this forum, and don't know how to cc Al_Smith.  Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, if you want more info on VEC, they can be found at

   Bob E.


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