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General Board / Re: Happy Thanksgiving
« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Today at 10:24:46 am »
   Happy turkey day to you all from WV too. Wife will cook a couple of turkeys, already made 2 banana split pies, making green bean casserole & apple & raisin salad to take up to our son's house 10 miles away tomorrow. We will eat with them, 3 granddaughters, son, DIL, her mom & dad, sister and niece.

   Daughter, SIL & 11 mo old miracle grandson in Charlotte NC will not be able to make it this year as she works today & Friday. We will see them next weekend when wife goes down to take Santa pictures for her cancer camp group - 3rd year she has done their photos.  I guess we will do early Christmas & grandson 1st birthday party (will be 1 on 14th Dec) with them here 2 weeks later as she is working over Christmas too.

   I hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday season this year.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: You can't make this up
« Last post by fishfighter on Today at 10:13:19 am »
Just got back from picking up two replacement hoses that are about 3" each. $70. :o Waiting for it to warm up now.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: A different kind of priceing question
« Last post by Percy on Today at 10:13:06 am »
OLd "related to topic" joke I have told before.

Magicman wins mega lottery. On the evening news he is being interviewed.

Interviewer: So Mr Magic man. What are you going to with all that money?
Magicman: Pay a few bills.
Interviewer: What about the rest?
Magicman: They'll just have to wait

 ;D ;D ;D

Sawmills and Milling / Re: Whatcha Sawin' ???
« Last post by GDinMaine on Today at 10:11:57 am »
This was one of six or seven logs I sawed last Saturday. The tree was damaged in a bad wind storm. About a third of the log was missing because it split as it hit the ground. It still yielded about 240bf of lumber. The logs ranged from 24" to 28" diameter on the small end with about 3-5" of taper.

Sawmills and Milling / Re: Whatcha Sawin' ???
« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Today at 10:09:29 am »

   I had a doctor (Surgeon who repairs nerves in peoples hands - I was worried he'd bang a knuckle or such) from Wisconsin who owns a farm near here come saw for him one morning on his LT50 a while back. Lots of extra features on his I don't have and was fun to do. He had the mill, a skid steer with grapple and other nice toys but did not know how to use the mill.
Forestry and Logging / Re: What It Would Be To Be A Young Man Again
« Last post by LeeB on Today at 10:03:48 am »
I really don't think I could survive my youth again. I don't know how I made it through the first go round.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: A customer
« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Today at 10:02:17 am »
   I have no problem accepting early partial or complete payments and if someone new to me I expect a deposit. I tell them if they want to leave their trailer for me to load their lumber on as I cut it I can accept that as their deposit.  As long as they have some skin in the game less likely to try to stiff you or try to renegotiate the price. I had one customer after 2-3 days cutting went to pay me and only had about half and said he'd pay the rest next week when his check came. He did promptly pay the rest as promised but I'd certainly have appreciated and expected him to tell me he was going to be short.

    I once cut for several weeks at a job 45 miles away. No help and I had to stack everything, which we agreed up front and charged extra for it, but I was worried after that long but he paid immediately when I completed the order. I won't wait that long again and will required weekly or at completion, whichever comes first. I had a guy a month ago offer to pay me at end of each day. Was only 2-3 day job and I said just pay at end. I should have taken the daily offer. I under charged him a couple hundred dollars and was ready to write it off as he'd paid what I told him at end of the job but I sent him a copy of his invoice (I can't print on site yet) and mentioned my error and when he opened his mail and saw it he sent me the rest and said he wanted me back in the future so all worked out fine.
General Board / Re: Happy Thanksgiving
« Last post by samandothers on Today at 10:00:30 am »
Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Thankful for all the my friends and family and the memories of those that have passed.

We will join the son, his wife and 4month old and his in laws to over eat.  We look forward to the fellowship.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: A different kind of priceing question
« Last post by Skip on Today at 09:55:51 am »
If I did I wouldn't make any money !  :)
Sawmills and Milling / Re: A customer
« Last post by GDinMaine on Today at 09:49:32 am »
I guess I have been lucky not to have been burned in the past five years.

I had a guy asking if I would saw his logs and he would pay me when he has money a "few weeks later."  I was polite but very firm about not doing that. He said he will call when he has money. This happened four months ago and no follow-up from him. My guess is I would still be waiting for payment had I agreed to do the work.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Whatcha Sawin' ???
« Last post by Jim_Rogers on Today at 09:46:57 am »
This, come to find out, doctor has been emailing me that he wanted to come over a learn about saw-milling and how logs get turned into lumber. He is a hobby woodworker.
So, this past Monday he drove up from just a little southwest of Boston, and spent the day with me at the mill. We sawed out one very large white pine log. It took a while as I had to basically explain everything that I was doing to educate him about "why" I'm doing what I was doing. We did get a nice 8x10 timber out of the middle of the log for a future timber frame project. As well as two 4x10's sill pieces off the outside. Along with a bunch of 1by stock for siding for the 57' long boat barn that I designed.
It was an interesting day and we did ok, but slow.

Here are some of the timbers for the future timber frame project.



The three on the left are 8x8's and then the 8x10x12' and the big one is 8x12x16'

Jim Rogers
Sawmills and Milling / Re: WM outriggers, questions
« Last post by ToddP on Today at 09:46:43 am »
This thread is great. I run a tree removal business in Atlanta, and I've always kicked around the idea of setting up a portable mill so that on a job site, we can quickly mill the really thick trees into live edge slabs to be used in furniture building. Figured that would be a great way to add another revenue stream to my business. It's always felt like a pretty daunting task for me to get set up, but after reading through these posts, it puts me at ease, knowing that it can be done. Thanks guys.
General Board / Re: Making charcoal
« Last post by samandothers on Today at 09:45:02 am »
Look forward to your picture of your creation!
Wood-Mizer / Re: Winter Sawing Blade Variety Box
« Last post by CWarner on Today at 09:40:51 am »

What blade length do you need? This Friday, we will be making the Winter Blade Variety Box available in more lengths in addition to the 158" :) Check out on Friday for more info!
Sawmills and Milling / Re: You can't make this up
« Last post by Kbeitz on Today at 09:35:41 am »
If you can't see a leak I would bet you have a bad head gasket.

Was heading back yesterday morning and got about 35 miles down the road. DanG thing started running hot again. >:(

Short story, I had a couple gallons of water with me just in case. Found out were the leak is. A small rubber elbow that goes to the torque converter heater/cooler block that is leaking. Heck, I didn't even know there was such a thing. :D Of course the hoses are a dealer part only. >:( Also, talk about a SOB to get to. I had to remove the starter that took me a good 6 hours due to that fact I couldn't reach the top bolt due to I having a bunch of blood vessels thru out my chest area sticking out a good 3/8" and giving me a bunch of trouble. My transplant team is freaking out on that. Thinking I am rejecting my CRT-D.

Glad you found it...

Sawmills and Milling / Re: A different kind of priceing question
« Last post by scsmith42 on Today at 09:34:42 am »

I've said this here before but the guys I've known who made serious money in the timber industry never made it cutting boards, they made it out of the real estate.

There is a lot of truth to that.

Personally, I treat the sawmill operation as a business and factor in the equipment costs, depreciation, overhead, direct operating costs, maintenance, downtime, time spent with customers, etc.  I look at the overall profitability of the business - not my individual paycheck.  A business has to make enough $ to include not only depreciation but expansion.

From what I have seen, many folks - if they look at milling as a paycheck - tend to not charge enough for it to be a sustainable, viable business.  Let's say that a new mill owner was making 20 bucks an hour in a previous job.  That works out to be around 44K per year.    So they think that if they are charging $75.00 per hour they are making a killing ( or feel bad for "screwing their friends by charging too much so they discount their prices).  A few years later they are out of business and don't understand why.

One of the most innovative millers that I have ever known (and a highly respected former member of this forum) was the Arkansawyer.  An incredibly sharp guy, yet he still ended up going out of business because he either could - or would not charge enough to keep his business going and build up adequate funds for contingencies. 

Firewood and Wood Heating / Re: Wp 235 firewood processor
« Last post by woodshax on Today at 09:34:16 am »

The differentiation is work and theft relief.  My most happy customers are those who did their own wood sales and now use me.

No certified vendors here but I would become one if they required it.

In Texas with state contracts for concessions the money earned does not go directly back to the goes to the State so the Park Rangers have to order the wood, account for sales and stock the site and they get nothing for it other than happy campers.   If they lock up the wood then it is unavailable after hours (and campers are not so happy).....if they have an honor box then there is a lot of theft.   If they cut their own wood then they have to take "donations" but they get to keep donation money but have the same issues of work and theft.....when I talk to the Superintendents I just ask them to calculate  man hours expended to generate donations and if they could better use their people to do all the Park Ranger things that have to be done.....They always pick me.

With Friends groups they get to donate right back to that park so a win win for everyone but they have the same issues.  As an example,  I was contacted by the Friends Group President of Inks Lake State park as they were doing all the wood sales with stacked wood locations throughout the park and honor boxes (locked ammo cans).  He was very business oriented and kept exact count of the wood he put out and the money they got back and he calculated the average monthly "shrinkage" as 23%  (the closer to a city you are...the higher the shrinkage rate seems to be....go figure.)   Then during the Easter Week someone cut all the locks on his boxes and he figures he lost over $2000.00  which was a year's profit.

He contracted us and I put two machines there in Late August and did a deal with him for 20% of the gross if his people would stock it (we drop off large quantities of bagged and bundled wood and they store it in the Ranger Maintenance area (covered) and they fill the machines.)   In less than 2 and a half months he said his profit was more that 50% of his best year......everyone is happy and we are grossing about $3300 a month with one to two trips per.

It is all about perception, work load, 24 hour sales and happy campers
Firewood and Wood Heating / Re: 3 PT Thumb
« Last post by gasman1075 on Today at 09:33:10 am »
Thanks I'll check it out.
Chainsaws / Re: husqvarna 390
« Last post by Gearbox on Today at 09:17:06 am »
he's going to use it for bucking and trimming .
Chainsaws / Re: Any news on the MS 462?
« Last post by HolmenTree on Today at 09:11:00 am »
Very nice well done video....But that operator was struggling with it. The chain's depth gauges were way too low.
I would have refused to run it until that problem was fixed.
If it wasn't the depth gauges then they had way too much hook in the cutter side plates.
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