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Title: For Sale two ms460's and a ms170
Post by: ohiowoodchuck on March 17, 2017, 09:33:47 pm
I have read, understand and agree to the terms of posting a add on the forestry forum.
1. Stihl ms460 complete rebuild less then a year ago. I haven't used it a total of ten hours after the rebuild. When I first bought this saw it had broken a crankshaft and the rod cut a hole in the case and the fuel tank. I used a side case from a different saw and all new bearings seals etc from Stihl. I ran it a hour and it scored the piston. I found that the case halves wasn't lined up perfectly on the base. I used a loctite made for sealing gaskets and it sealed it up perfectly. I put a new Stihl piston in it after that. It's all Stihl parts and no aftermarket stuff. 400.00 for powerhead plus shipping add 50.00 if you want the 20" Stihl e bar and Stihl rs chain.
2. Stihl ms460 I bought this saw from eBay and when I got it the bearing was spun in the case. I bought a used set of matching 046 cases and put it all back together with Stihl parts. New bearings seals and a new Stihl piston. Has the full wrap handle and dual port muffler. I haven't even ran this saw for a hour. I started it up made a cut adjusted carb and shut it off. 500.00 for powerhead only plus shipping. Add 50.00 if you want the 25" stems bar and Stihl rs chain which is also brand new.
Ms170 bought it off a buddy because it wasn't oiling right. Put used Stihl oil pump in it cleaned carb and it works as it should. I believe it has a 14" bar. 125.00 plus shipping. I got too many saws and am wanting to buy a pair of 372's so these need to go. I'll get pictures later.