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Author Topic: Logging Accident Reviews  (Read 28184 times)

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Re: Logging Accident Reviews
« Reply #60 on: October 18, 2016, 01:30:32 pm »
I'd like to share one from our woods here.
2 Winters ago, I was out in our woods with a good friend who likes to hang out and help out during his off season.
He's an easy going, somewhat sarcastic, former Army Ranger...not sure how that all blends, but you get the idea.
I was dropping trees for a new shooting range driveway and he was helping to buck up what I put down.
After felling 4 or 5 med and large Birch, I was about to caution him about the tree he was starting to limb and it's precarious position.  It had dropped across a stump 3' off the ground and parked there.  My friend did his usual "yeah, yeah!, I know." and I shrugged it off and went back to limbing other trees.

When I'm working a saw, there's not much time off of the trigger.  Several minutes later, I paused to move and heard him yelling to me.
He's sitting on the ground, back to another tree, holding his arm.
Turned out he had basically trimmed the legs out from under this large tree and wasn't planning what would happen next.  The tree lost it's balance and rolled/spun down off of the stump and a 3-4" branch came around and caught his forearm just past the elbow.  He broke his arm in 3 places.
Not a good day!!
We spoke a few days after he got it set and casted and he said "Next time I tell you Yeah, yeah!!...just tell me to shut up, and go ahead with your safety speech anyway."
End result: He learned to listen and I learned to continue with the safety reminders. 
We ALL need them.
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